Development trends of the online casino industry in 2021

Online casinos have become more functional, sophisticated and progressive in recent years. However, progress over the past year, one might say, has been accelerated. 2020 is sure to make its way into the history books as COVID-19 pushed the direction of online gaming to accelerate development. The virus has hit many industries, shutting down some of the largest and oldest businesses. Online casinos have become a positive exception. Due to the quarantine, many players have switched from ground units to online casinos. Some of the new players chose gambling sites to escape the forced idleness.

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As more and more people use their devices for entertainment, developers strive to provide players with something new or improved as soon as possible, staying ahead of the competition. It is expected that in the next few years there will be a revolutionary update in online casino technology. But first things first.

Here are the things that will be trending in 2021.

User interest is shifting towards mobile games

Mobile games are taking over the market faster and faster. Over the past year, the number of mobile casino users has increased by 58%. Modern phones have high-speed Internet connections, powerful hardware, and wider screens, so they are very convenient for entertainment. Many online casinos have taken advantage of this by launching their own mobile applications with full functionality, similar to the desktop versions of sites. They provide easy and quick access to games and bets.

Gamblers love mobile apps because they are convenient; they allow you to play online casinos on your phone from the comfort of your home and on the go. Experts unanimously state that the number of mobile casinos will increase dramatically in the coming years. Thanks to HTML5, everyone can play in the mobile casino just like in the desktop one. So, the Shangri La mobile application has already appeared.

Since the start of the pandemic, the online casino market has attracted an incredible number of people. And along with the demand, the number of games increased. Now on the playgrounds there are more virtual sports, slot machines, varieties of poker and card games. In the coming years, the situation will be similar. We will most likely have more new products, including completely new types of casino games.

Research estimates that in 2021, the mobile casino games industry will account for about 59% of the total gaming market. We can see evidence of this as the online casino market share increased by 13.2% from 2019 to 2020. By 2020, the industry has grown to $ 67.5 billion.

As experts predict the introduction of quarantine measures in 2021, online games will gain popularity. The industry is expected to grow to $ 93 billion by 2023.

Legalization in countries where online casinos have long been banned

During the pandemic, several countries passed laws to legalize online casinos. This is due to the fact that citizens showed an increased interest in this territory during the period of forced quarantine. And a reasonable decision was made to legalize, thereby killing two birds with one stone: to get the approval of the people and earn significant amounts of taxes in online casinos.

After 11 years of being banned, casinos and online casinos have been legalized in Ukraine. As a result, Ukraine has become one of the last European countries to open this direction for its citizens. Even countries as strict as the United States and New Zealand, which banned online gambling a long time ago, have recently started selling licenses to gambling sites. Since citizens have expressed a desire to spend their free funds in this way, the future of the online casino industry looks very promising.

Blockchain games are gaining popularity

We have a new trend: casino sites accept cryptocurrency. Some are even phasing out other forms of payment in 2021.

Blockchain users will receive special rewards because many gambling sites are introducing special welcome bonuses for those using crypto payments.

In addition, analysts suggest that the blockchain system will solve the problems of trust between players and casino sites. Since the blockchain has a detailed record history, players can access the complete transaction history. This approach will allow you to make sure that the system has paid all winnings and see if there is any suspicious activity.

Casinos are expected to take advantage of this opportunity in 2021 as it is the fastest and safest payment method.

Responsible online casino gaming

More and more sites are concerned with the welfare of their players and early detection of game abuse. Major websites and brands with a long history have been implementing a Responsible Gaming program for several years now. And with the huge influx of new users pouring into playgrounds in 2020, the number of sites has tripled to tap into an intelligent system to protect the interests of their players, to prevent addiction and abuse.

In the highly regulated markets in the UK and Sweden, operators are already required to comply with responsible gaming standards. Many gaming platforms join the program voluntarily. In order to take care of customers, age limits have been established, advertising tools are strictly regulated, which help to limit gaming activity and even exclude oneself from the game. One of the conditions, surprisingly, is a decrease in the "welcome" bonuses, since they are most often "bitten" by addictive visitors.

AR and VR - augmented and virtual reality enters the market

Augmented reality and virtual reality have already had an impact on the entertainment and gaming industries and are now gradually being introduced to online casinos. Sites that use these technologies allow players to experience "total immersion" in the gameplay, which takes the gameplay to a whole new level.

With AR and VR, players can virtually visit casinos, play slot machines and other familiar games as if they were in reality. These same technologies allow you to interact with other players and employees in real time.

VR games are gradually appearing in online gambling, they are improving and changing the face of the industry. So far, such games have not become widespread due to technical limitations. But many sites are expected to add VR games to their libraries in the near future.

Virtual reality support creates the impression that a person is playing in a real game room. True, such an experience requires virtual reality devices such as glasses, gloves, helmets, headphones, and more. But with their help, you can enjoy online gaming like never before. A number of sites already aim to provide very special and exclusive experiences, so operators are willing to invest in upgrades. One expert estimates that virtual reality will bring in up to $ 250 million by 2021.

Esports is gaining momentum

In recent times, sports betting, including virtual sports and eSports, has taken the largest share of the gambling market. This trend will continue in 2021 as more and more players will bet on their favorite sports matches like soccer, cricket, basketball, as well as their favorite computer players or team competitions in WoW, CS GO, LoL and others.

With cheap phones and fast internet, the industry is expected to grow even faster. In 2020, esports has grown significantly worldwide. Experts are confident that this trend will not subside, as gambling sites attract players with large bonuses, cashback programs and incentives.

Development of bonus programs

As online casinos attract an avalanche of players, competition between operators and specific sites is intensifying. While developers are racking their brains over new games and directions, gaming sites are looking for ways to attract them to their open spaces.

Many casinos have found that they can create great incentives to attract users. Sites began to offer no deposit bonuses, which allows beginners to place bets even without depositing money into their personal account. Bonus systems are getting more and more inventive. You can get money to your account for a regular game, for inviting a new user, for participating in a competition, and so on.

Live dealer games are trending

Players are looking for new ways to get the most realistic gaming experience possible. And during the period when it was necessary to stay at home, many drew attention to the fact that in online casinos you can communicate with real people. Live dealer games let you feel like you are in one of the most luxurious casinos.

Visitors can chat with live dealers in an online chat; in some games, correspondence with table neighbors is also available. The organizers provide shooting from different angles and broadcasting sound in excellent quality. All these features make games with dealers so "real".

New game types

As we mentioned above, the competition between developers and operators is huge, with hundreds of the best companies competing for the players. And there is nothing more memorable than new items! So get ready by 2021 to see new types of games or old ones with new features and goodies.

Thousands of online slots now have features that were previously only available in console games. Games appeared in which not only luck and chance are important, but also skills or abilities. And slots can now find the functionality of arcade games, shooters, sports games, or racing. What's next? Stay tuned for updates to Shangri La Online Casino!

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