African Rampage slot machine from Spinomenal Review

Meet the new African Rampage slot from Spinomenal at Shangri-La ! Are you ready for a crazy and incredibly exciting adventure? Where else can you meet those furious rhinos and many other wild animals waiting patiently to reward you with amazing prizes for your courage?

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African Rampage slot has become a striking addition to the fantastic collection of Spinomenal slot machines and invites players to immerse themselves in the wildlife of the African continent. The game is played on five reels, each of which has four cells, and offers 1024 ways to win. Winning combinations are formed traditionally - by matching three or more symbols in a row from left to right.

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There are 12 symbols waiting for you, including playing card symbols, wild animal images, wild symbol and mystery coin. As you can see, for the development team, the king of the beasts is actually the Rhino. He's the one who delivers the most impressive prizes, at least in African Rampage slot where he's the main character.

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Three or more Mysterious Coins trigger either a bonus game or a free spins game, depending on which side the coin falls on.

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So keep an eye out for these cryptic symbols, as they will be the key to activating one of the special features.

African Rampage slot parameters

- Number of reels: 5

- Number of rows: 4

- Number of cells: 20

- Number of paylines: 1024

- Betting amount: 0.5 to 500 coins

- Wild symbol: yes

- Scatter: yes

- Free spins: Yes

- Volatility: high

- Return to player: 96.3%

- Maximum winnings: 5000 times the bet.

Theme, graphics and soundtrack

Take an exciting journey across the plains of the hot, sunny continent with African Rampage slot machine. The action is set in a beautiful African landscape and you'll be greeted by a huge rhino and the silhouette of slender trees in the background of the azure sky of Africa. The graphics are impressive in their clarity and detail, and the stone drums are filled with wild animals, including bears, deer, wolves, eagles and the furious rhino itself.

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The soundtrack features atmospheric African singing and authentic melodies. And fantastic animations add even more colour and realism.

Rate of return to players and volatility

African Rampage slot has an RTP of 96.3% and is a high volatility slot. Therefore, players can look forward to, although not very frequent, but extremely generous rewards. And the biggest payout you can count on is x5000 of your total bet.

How to play?

Before launching the game, take a look at the interface and the options offered:

- There is a big round arrow below the reels, with which each next round begins.

- Players can click on the "?" icon to view game information, payout tables and descriptions of the features used.

- You can increase or decrease the speed using the "+" and "-" buttons.

• One of the useful options is the automatic game mode, which is started by the corresponding button.

- You can use the turbo mode to speed up the gameplay. You can activate it by clicking on the rabbit image in the lower left corner of the reels.

- To turn the sound on or off, click the speaker icon.

And when all the settings are made, it's time to run the drums and enjoy the gameplay!

Rates and payout table

The minimum bet in the slot is 0.5 coins, the maximum is 500 coins. All winnings are multiplied by the total bet. Such a wide range of bets makes the slot extremely attractive for any player. The player wins if at least three of the same symbols line up sequentially starting from the first reel on any of the 1,024 paylines.

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Symbols with pictures of playing cards from 10 to Ace are the symbols with the lowest reward and give a total bet of up to x100 for a combination of five.

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While the high-paying symbols include images of African animals, which will bring you multiplication of the total bet for five matches:

• Eagle and Bear - x120

• Deer and wolf - x150

• Rhinoceros - x300

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The gold sign with the word "Wild" represents the Wild symbol, and the gold Mystery Coin with the blue question mark is the scatter. The wild symbol is not paid by itself, but replaces any symbol in the game except the Mystery Coin.

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Special functions

To diversify the main game, from time to time appear incredibly profitable bonus rounds.

Players will undoubtedly want to see as many of the gold Mystery Coin symbols as possible. As they are the first step to triggering all game bonuses. For this you will need at least three Mystery Coins.

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When they appear on the reels, they activate a large spinning coin with two different sides. On one side the inscription “Free Spins” is displayed, and on the other - “Bonus”. And when the spinning coin randomly stops, it shows one side.

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If the coin has "Free Spins" on it, the free spins round will begin.

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Otherwise, the bonus game will start.

Bonus Game

During the bonus game, you will be presented with a large spinning wheel.

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This wheel of fortune contains different multipliers of your winnings and offers three types of jackpots:

- Minimum jackpot is multiplied by 100

- The average jackpot is multiplied by 250

- The superjackpot is multiplied by 1,000.

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The player has one shot at spinning the wheel and a chance to win one of the jackpots.

You will also have the option to purchase another spin if the first spin proves unsuccessful.

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And so until one of three potential jackpots is obtained. Or, if you want, you can exit the bonus round at any moment and go to the main game. In this case the amount of your winnings will be added to the previous bonus winnings.

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The size of the total bet here is the same as in the game, in which the bonus round began.

Free Spin Round

During free spins, the game is based on getting the Golden Rhino symbol.

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To the left of the reels there are four so-called progress indicators for each animal symbol. You need to collect five golden rhinos and thereby close one indicator.

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Once any counter is full, the corresponding symbol will turn into a Golden Rhino for the remainder of the free spins round. And the player will be rewarded with five extra free spins.

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The Golden Rhino symbol itself pays the same way as the standard rhino.

Buying free spins

The free spins purchase feature allows users to bypass the standard gameplay and activate a round of ten free spins at a price of a hundred times the total bet.

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A riot of symbols

During the rotation of the reels in the main game additional 4-7 copies of one of the animal symbols can appear. This significantly increases your chances of winning.

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We are sure that you will definitely love the new Spinomenal game - African Rampage Slot. The slot looks great, the gameplay is a lot of fun, and there are great prizes. Free spins and additional Golden Rhino symbols make the game incredibly addictive. In addition, the way some functions are activated is very unique and deserves special attention.

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While there is no progressive jackpot here, there are three very large betting multipliers on the bonus wheel, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to win extremely generous winnings!

Where to play?

African Rampage is playable for real money at Shangri La, the online casino and sports website. Moreover, all new users will definitely receive bonuses and free spins. Please note that the slot is also available in demo mode, which gives users the opportunity to explore the game without risking their money. Another important fact is that you can enjoy the game on different platforms, be it a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

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