Parimatch begins a new round of development with the creation of the Supervisory Board

parimatch maxim Lyashko and roman sirotyan

Parimatch's new board of directors will deal with key strategic issues and assist the company in its further development. New co-CEOs Maxim Lyashko and Roman Sirotyan will be at the helm.

Parimatch has continued its technological and professional upgrade with the creation of a new advisory team. The Supervisory Board will address the many unique challenges that this fast-growing gaming company will face in the coming years.

The Board of Directors will include Kateryna Byelorusska, a major shareholder who has been working in the company since 2011, and Marek Mrha, a non-executive consultant to the Board.

At the same time, Sergey Portnov will give up his position as CEO and become the chairman of the board of directors instead. Maksym Lyashko and Roman Sirotyan, in addition to participating in the supervisory board, will become co-general directors and share operations between them. These activities will be related to finance, legal, communications and administration (for Lyashko) and IT, products and marketing (for Sirotyan), which will strengthen, consolidate and ensure that the best people perform the most appropriate roles.

An additional non-executive role on the board is currently vacant. Parimatch hopes to fill the position soon and a search is underway for a candidate with the enthusiasm, ambition and vision to match those currently on the board.

The board will be tasked with helping Parimatch navigate the highly competitive world of online gaming and sports betting. It will also make decisions on decisions such as a potential initial public offering and the ways in which it will continue its expansion, but it will exist as a separate entity and will not be directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.

Maxim Lyashko: “For me and Roman, the double structure of the CEO is a logical step and consolidation of the company's growth directions. We know our directions well and will do our best to implement the company's plans to reach a new level of development. "

Roman Sirotyan: "Maksim and I have been entrusted to head the company as co-CEO. This is a great honour for me. Already in great shape today, Parimatch aims to become a market leader worldwide. I look forward to contributing to achieving this goal by providing our customers with entertainment and services of the highest quality.

The Supervisory Board believes that the new structure will strengthen Parimatch's position and allow it to continue the growth that has made it one of the largest technology companies in Europe.

The international holding company has been in operation for over 25 years, and while it has grown steadily throughout that time, much of its growth has occurred in the last few years. Parimatch operates in more than ten countries under local licences and a franchise model. The brand has a presence in Cyprus, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the UK and is currently the only licensed betting company in Ukraine.

In recent years, he has signed brand ambassadors such as Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson, helping him gain more attention in the sports betting arena, as well as seeking to improve his technology by taking bigger, better and more effective sports betting decisions.

The Supervisory Board is the next step in this evolutionary process and comes at a critical time for the brand.

Sergei Portnov, the current chairman of the board and the man who helped shape and define the company's recent success, believes that these changes will provide the stability and direction needed for growth: "Updating the structure of the company and creating a board is an indicator. of the maturity and readiness of the company. Now is the best time for such a change. I am confident that it will strengthen the brand strategy and allow the big ship Parimatch to move swiftly on course".

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