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There have been many attempts to cash in on the poker craze for table games that use the word in their titles but are not really real poker. Many online casinos seem to offer dozens of exotic game options - and while they are all very fun, they are not poker in the full sense of the word.
This is because real poker is about putting your money and mind against other players, not the casino. Real poker, which is commonly played in Texas Hold'em, also includes 7 or 5 Card Stud, Omaha, Razz and Knight. This all includes sequential betting rounds in which you either fold, raise, call or check - no limit games offer huge potential wins or losses.
However, many people want tables to play that mimic the excitement of a real poker game, without the years of practice required to achieve proficiency. If that sounds tempting, why not try the following games:
Draw poker comes in many forms, usually with 3 cards. In some games, you may play multiple hands, but the basics never change: you put up an ante (a mandatory amount to encourage play and discourage inactive play), and you are dealt a face-up hand facing the dealer. down. You decide whether to bet more or fold, and the dealer will reveal his cards if you decide to bet, and the winner gets a double bet.
In Caribbean Stud poker, you pay an ante and then you are dealt a hand that you can watch, and the dealer gives himself 5 cards, all but one closed. You then choose whether to put your chip in the progressive jackpot box: this entitles you to the jackpot, which will slowly increase as you play, but has nothing to do with the rest of the game, which continues when you decide whether to bet. or fold. If you bet, the dealer shows his hand and the winner gets everything.
The last major variation is Pai Gow, in which, after placing the ante, you are dealt 7 open cards, and the dealer draws 7 face down. You can increase your bet if you want, and then swap your cards into a hand of 2 and a hand of 5, each of which must have a higher rating than the dealer's in order to win. Winning and losing means that bets are returned; loss and draw are considered as winnings for the dealer.
If you find video poker a bit antisocial or rudimentary, but find hold'em too serious, these games may be perfect for you.
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