Online casino scratch cards

Online casino scratch cards are a relatively new type of instant game, inspired by lottery tickets with a security layer.

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As kids, we all loved those magic tickets that you have to rub with a coin or scratch with your fingernail to see the lucky combination.

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And the developers of online casino games paid attention to such an interesting way of playing. Now scratch cards online have appeared on many platforms, where you also need to erase the protective layer, but with clicks. You do not need to go anywhere to buy a ticket, and the result is credited instantly! The Shangri La online casino website now also has a scratch cards section with a juicy collection of games from the world's best developers.

Why are scratch cards so popular?

The popularity of scratch cards, which have literally exploded the online casino world, is one of the modern gaming phenomena. While developers have been working to make the graphics and storylines for new online slots more complex, players have lacked simplicity and speed. And once instant games, where the end result can be obtained in a single click, appeared on the horizon, they won people's love.

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Often scratch cards have very simple graphics, and the plot is completely unpretentious. You just need to not think at all about the complexity of the game and relax as much as possible. You click and get your winnings right away - perfect! And what's fascinating, the price of the online ticket can be increased by 10,000 times or even more.

3 reasons to play scratch cards online

- Quick wins

One click on this online scratch card can turn it into an instant prize and even a jackpot.

- Low cost

Virtual scratch cards can be quite inexpensive! For just a few cents, you can buy a ticket and remove the protective layer with a single click.

- A chance to win big

Literally all such cards give an opportunity to increase the speed by thousands times. And among them there are some that give out millions of jackpots. If you are interested in such prizes, you should choose a scratch card with jackpot and count on your luck.

History of scratch cards

The scratch card was born in the United States. It is believed that the first coated lottery tickets appeared in 1974 under the Instant Play brand. The development was carried out by the Scientific Games Corporation, which was one of the first to suggest not waiting a week for the lottery results, but to win instantly. The idea and its implementation belongs to computer scientist John Koza.

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This is the Koza system, which is the template for the classic scratch card; incidentally, it is still in use today. Using manual methods of generating random numbers, combinations were created, which were then applied to paper tickets and covered with a special protective layer. Erasing this layer allowed the result to be known instantly. Daniel Bauer, a famous promoter of the time, helped to make the new product popular. As a result, the Dittley brothers sold millions of tickets

That same year, 1974, in Massachusetts, scratch-off lottery cards became the highlight of the government's charity lottery. It attracted public attention not only for its novelty, but also for its instant payments.

Astro-Med, Inc. of Rhode Island also saw promise in new lottery tickets and filed a patent. It all started with surprisingly simple tickets with three dots behind them hiding letters and numbers. One of the winning combinations stipulated by the rules had to be obtained in order to win.

The magic of the protective layer, which is so pleasant to scratch, attracted more and more players. Not surprisingly, scratch cards became more and more attractive and intricate. Manufacturers played with shape, color and design, putting Marvel characters, NASCAR, MLB, NBA, motorcycles and Harley Davidson cars in the lottery.

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Two major manufacturers were involved in the creation of scratch cards in the United States: Science Games Corporation (as the creator of a unique product) and Pollard Banknote. Their tickets were sold all over the world: in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Chile, Brazil.

After 40 years of success, the first scratch cards appeared on the Internet. The first online tickets appeared in 2005. The novelty became available to the PrimeScratchCard audience. The first digital versions were very simple and mimicked classic, simple covered lottery tickets. For many years, the popularity of scratchcards remained at a rather low level.

The breakthrough came closer to 2020, when scratch cards became more diverse and intriguing. Players have been given a whole new direction, deceptively simple, but very exciting and rewarding. Beginners have a lot to explore, and experienced players have a great opportunity to relax in the games to take their minds off the more complex online slots.

Variety of chip cards

You will love the amazing variety of scratch cards! For the most part, they play with the theme of the scratch-off lottery ticket, but they do so in a very resourceful way. Each new card is different from its predecessors and offers some kind of twist

On the Shangri La website you will find cards with different styles !

Bingo Bonanza is the original scratch card game that mimics a game of bingo with a real lottery reel and balls fall out. Marks are made on the virtual table of the numbers being drawn, and a prize is awarded for a match.

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Offside and Seek is an example of a classic sports ticket with a protective layer. You need to open a playing field with portraits of football players. Next to it is a paytable for the guide.

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Beer Fest Scratch is an instant beer festival-themed game with stunning comic graphics and a humorous plot. Here, for the price of the ticket, you get three simple games: guess the dish, who will drink who, which table will collapse to the dancer. The difference between this scratch card and the classic one imitating the lottery is that the player has to guess the event in each mini-game.

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Pharaohs Gems is also an instant play option with three events with no lottery ticket visualization and no stage choices. When you bet, you rely on what fate gives you in each of the three mini rounds: a symbol in a chest, treasure in amphorae, a gift from Nefertiti.

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Lost Vegas Zombie Version Scratch and Lost Vegas Survivor Version Scratch are two big scratch cards based on the popular slot of the same name. Just remove the protective layer and see what combinations fall out.

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The difference between the cards and the slot is that in the slot you can choose a Zombie or Survivor theme, and here the developers have created two different scratch cards with classic gameplay and familiar symbols.

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Gold Koi is a seemingly ordinary scratch card, where you have to open the playing field and see the combos. But the developers have given it two cool features. Firstly, here you don't erase the layer or flip the pictures, but as if you were stripping the stripes, as in one of the popular offline cards. Secondly, there's a wild symbol here!

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Your scratch card has its own flavor in design, gameplay, sounds, or other features. And that makes each card unique, despite the very simple way to play. Exploring such virtual lotteries is very exciting, it's just impossible to tear yourself away from some of the chips.

RTP rate and volatility

In all online casino games, the random number generator is responsible for the outcome of each round. And, accordingly, each scratch card has its own parameters of RTP and volatility, which correspond to the frequency of winnings and their spread relative to the average value.

The degree of RTP can vary greatly, there are cards with a value of 90%, but you can find 98%. The volatility is usually medium. But if you choose a jackpot card, it is likely that such a game has high volatility.

How to play scratch cards

The gameplay is so simple that all the nuances can be learned in just a minute. Whatever the design of the game, the process follows the following scenario:

- The bet's on.

- The playing field is opened (manually or automatically) / Round results are given

- Winnings are calculated in accordance with the payroll

Basically, you just need to determine how much you plan to bet on the game and make a couple of clicks to start the process. Wins are calculated automatically, with winning combinations highlighted for clarity.

Where to play scratch cards

A reliable online casino with a license is the best place to play scratch cards. In this case, you get access to games from trusted developers with a guaranteed fair distribution and prize pool.

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ShangriLaLive, licensed by Curacao, offers an entire section of Scratch Cards with dozens of games from top developers. A real treasure for those who prefer variety and like to test different games

All products in the section work in test mode and in real money mode. This means that you can play for free with no time limit and learn the rules of the game before you start placing real bets. The casino bonuses earned in the Casino Games section can also be applied to scratch card games. Enjoy!

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