Tips for Poker Newbies

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It may seem a little daunting when you first enter poker, so we've put together 5 helpful tips for newbies to online poker, and all seasoned players might even learn a thing or two!

Don't play every hand - although you want to start, it doesn't make sense to play every hand just for the sake of it, instead, bide your time until you get a great hand!

Bluff in moderation - it can be tempting, but try not to bluff with every hand as your opponents will soon catch on to you and this could be the end of your game!

Know when to fold - don't stay in the hand just because you have laid out a fair amount of chips. If you're not going anywhere, take a hit and wait for the next good hand.

Pick the right game - this relates to your skill level as well as the amount of money you can afford to play. Don't jump into the high stakes game after a few good wins at low stakes games. Because you will find that as the stakes go up, so does the skill and experience of the players!

Set aside your beer - When playing online poker, it can be tempting to open a few beers while playing. But be careful, you don't have too many of them as this will affect your judgment and before you know it, you've called all night and suddenly you're out of chips!

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