European Roulette Spinomenal brand overview

The game is already available in the casino games section and can easily be found by the recognizable SL logo with gold mountains on a blue background.

Spinomental European Roulette is based on the classic casino table game, where the main objective is to predict the cell of the game wheel where the ball will land. Roulette is one of the most popular games in the world, both in online casinos and land-based units. Therefore, Spinomenal has launched its own version of European Roulette to cater to users who prefer table games.

About the developers

Spinomenal is one of the fastest growing providers of online casino software worldwide. The company's commitment to exciting, easy-to-use cross-platform games has earned the respect and recognition of gamers on all continents. The Maltese company offers over a hundred games. These include many slots, as well as several scratch cards and roulette games

Spinomenal is recognized for its attention to innovative technology and attention to detail. The company specializes in cross-platform HTML5 games. As such, all of their developments are available for both mobile devices and desktops. All Spinomenal games are extremely lightweight and run at high speed. This makes them accessible both for mobile players and with weak internet connection

In a relatively short period of time, Spinomenal has become one of the largest slot providers in the market, offering over one hundred slots and releasing an average of two games per month. Spinomenal's lottery scratch games have enough themes and bonuses to appeal to any player. The roulette games feature great graphics, funny voices, and enjoyable music.

General characteristics of European Roulette

A branded roulette wheel created for Shangri La online casino. European Roulette by Spinomenal is a classic European Roulette wheel that contains a single sector of Zero. This game has 37 numbered pockets from 0 to 36. As soon as the user loads the game page, he is greeted by a large spin wheel along with a classic betting game table. Of course, the field is decorated with the Shangri-La logo - SL.

This European Roulette has classic generalized betting types, which makes it easier to place chips and pay in general. These bet types include Red/Black, Even/Odd, Columns/Dozen, Small/Big, Split, Four of a Kind, Line and Straight. The bet type the player chooses determines the number of chips in play, the odds and the maximum bet size.

In terms of graphics, the game has an elegant design and features a classic blue betting table and animated roulette wheel.

In European Roulette, the choice of chip denomination is up to the player. In addition, there is a racetrack, which can be used for several complex bets, such as Red Split, Black Split and others.

After placing the bets, you have to press the Spin button to start the game. And if your luck is favorable, the ball will hit the desired cell. You can play the same bet again by pressing the Repeat button.

Can you see the following features

- RTP coefficient - 97.3%

- Maximum winnings - bet increase X35

- Minimum bid - 1

- Maximum bet - 500

- Supported operating systems - Windows, iOS, Linux, Android

- Interface languages - English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese

How to play

In order to place a bet, simply click on the appropriate area of the game table. You can change the chip selection by using the arrows or by clicking on the selected one. You can also bet by dragging the desired chip to the corresponding area of the game table. Repeated clicking on the same area of the table allows you to increase the bet amount. Please note that there are betting limits for each table area, as shown in the paytable.

After all bets have been placed, according to the minimum and maximum limits, you can run the roulette wheel. To do this, press the Rotate button. A win will happen if you correctly guess the square where the ball stopped. The amount of winnings for the played bet is determined according to the paytable.

The game provides the opportunity to cancel the last action when placing bets. This can be done by pressing the Return button.

To clear all chips from the table when placing bets, click Clear.

Click Replay to place all the chips from the previous round on the same spots on the betting table.

If there are chips on the table, the Replay button is replaced by the Double button. Pressing it will double the value of all chips, if it doesn't contradict the set maximum limits for the whole table or game area.

In addition, European Roulette from Spinomenal has an Auto Play feature. Pressing the Auto Play button accesses a menu where you can select the automatic spin number, which will start after you press the Spin button. To stop automatic play at any time, press the Pause button.

You can use the auto-repeat option in the menu of the auto-repeat mode. In this case at the end of each game round all pieces from the previous round will automatically be placed in the same places.

Impatient players can use the Turbo mode option in the Auto Play menu. It allows you to skip the rotation of roulette and go directly to the moment when the ball stops in one of the cells.

When using the Autoplay mode, the number of remaining rounds is displayed on the Spin button. You can press this button at any time during the game to exit Autoplay mode.

The history pane at the bottom of the screen displays the results of the most recent rounds, with the most recent result listed on the left.

Please note that all winnings will be forfeited in the event of failure.

Types of bets

- A single number brings 35: 1 with a maximum bet of 10. To bet on a single number, place a chip in the center of the individual number.

- Two numbers stand 17: 1 with a maximum bet of 20. To bet on two numbers, place a chip on the border between two adjacent numbers.

- On three numbers brings 11: 1 with a maximum bet of 30. To bet on three numbers, place a chip in the center of the dividing line down from the row of three numbers. You can also bet on the intersection of the corners 0-1-2 and 0-2-3.

- Four of a kind brings 8: 1 with a maximum bet of 40. To bet a four, place a chip on the corner of any four numbers. You can also place this bet on numbers 0-1-2-3 by placing a chip in the lower left corner of number 1.

- Six numbers pay 5: 1 with a maximum bet of 60. To bet on six numbers, place a chip in the bottom right corner of any number (except 34 and 0) from the third row (counting down from the top).

- Tens are worth 2: 1 with a maximum bet of 200. A dozen bet can be made by placing a chip on any of the dozen, 2 dozen and 3 dozen squares.

- Betting can be done by placing a chip on any of the dozen, 2 dozen and 3 dozen squares.

- Columns stand 2: 1 with a maximum bet of 200. To bet on a column, place a chip on any of the marked 2: 1 areas.

- Red / Black costs 1: 1 with a maximum bet of 500. This bet can be made by placing a chip on an area called "Red" or "Black". Thus, you can bet on 18 numbers of the corresponding color.

- Even/Odd brings 1: 1 with a maximum bet of 500. And, by placing a chip on the field named Even or Odd, you can bet on all even or odd numbers except 0.

- Small/Big brings 1: 1 with a maximum bet of 500. You can bet on the first 18 numbers (excluding 0) or on the last 18 numbers by placing a chip on an area called Small or Large.

Mobile version

Spinomenal European Roulette is also available on mobile devices. All you have to do is to visit the gaming site in your mobile browser. It can be played on all mobile devices such as smartphone, iPad, tablet etc.

Where to play

Thanks to innovative technological advances, there is no need to travel to Las Vegas these days. Unless, of course, you want to play in a real casino environment filled with flashing lights, a cacophony of slot machines, ringing sounds and the noise of applause. For those who prefer the gameplay itself, a virtual resource has been created. Registered users of the portal receive bonuses from the casino, which can also be spent on branded roulette.

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