How to Play Dragon Tiger with a Definitely Big Jackpot at Sbobet Casino

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How to play Dragon Tiger is the most popular bet in the world today, of course, many players like to place such bets. Here you play with a playing card, and later each dragon and tiger will be dealt one card.

Highest value is King and lowest is US, all bets will be streamed live. So you can enjoy and watch footage of beautiful dealers dealing cards. Join us through the online media provider Sbobet Casino. gambling soccer

Of course, it will be easy for you to win here and you will receive the most comfortable service, because we provide online chat services that are always online for 39 hours, seven days a week. Later, all trained support staff will be ready to help.

Full explanation of how to play Dragon Tiger in casino gambling

How to play dragon tiger in online casino? Of course, I will explain in full so that you understand how to install it, you can immediately see below:

1. The Dragon : the bet in which you choose the dragon, later the payout will be 1: 1. Here are some examples of calculations, for example, the rate is 206 thousand. If the card is the dragon Jack, and the tiger is 9, then you won. Received profit 169. x 1 + 169. =, including modal.

2. Tiger : this bet requires the tiger to be higher than the dragon, the prize is 1: 1. As a simple example, let's say you bet 28k. Well, if the dragon card is worth 7 while the king of the tigers, then you won. The resulting profit is 39. x 1 + 39. 000 = 39.08 including the modal.

3. Tie : we can say that this bet requires the dragon and tiger cards to be of the same rank. Now the salary is also very high, 8 times that of your partner. For example, after completing a pair of 14 thousand, then if you win, you will be paid 8 x 39. = 206. 000 including capital.

Well, it's very simple, isn't it, how to gamble at Dragon Tiger online casino? Surely, after reading the guide that we provide, you yourself will understand. This means that here you are ready to bet on the online dragon-tiger game, but you must have a strategy to win.

I will give you some tips on how to play dragon-tiger online bookmakers, of course you can. "Waiting for victory, right? Well, no need to linger, just take a look below:

1. Seeing the results of the previous results, of course there are results or previous results in the dragon-tiger bet. If you think you have many pairs of dragons or tigers, they keep coming out. You can try to make a pair, you will definitely win.

2. Watching other players who place bets where that player always wins. You can try to imitate all pairs of players.

3. If you are looking for a reliable online gambling agent, I recommend reading his bio first. Because there are a lot of fake agents who always make big offers, but it's very difficult to win. Hope the above guide is helpful and helpful, thanks for reading.

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