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Meet Street Fighter 2 from NetEnt - a cool slot based on the very popular console game of the same name. ShangriLaLive added the game to the casino games section, and you can already choose your hero and join the battle while earning coins!

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot by NetEnt was released in May 2020. The slot is based on the second game in the Street Fighter series of arcade games, which was released in 1991 and became one of the most popular console games of the time. NetEnt developers have worked hard to bring this old school competitive fighting game back to life in the form of a slot with the same graphics, the same emotions, the same characters and crazy moves.

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot brings back the charm of the 90s, when this iconic fighting game dominated arcade games worldwide. The slot features dynamic gameplay. Various character mods are based on the original characters of the series such as Ryu, Chun-Li and Guile. They give players extra opportunities to earn impressive wins. You can face off against villains like M. Bison and Vega during Beat the Boss free spins.

Bit of history

Thelegendary Street Fighter game creators, Japanese company Capcom, have released many successful game franchises. Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior was a record-breaking success and immediately captivated audiences worldwide as the best-selling arcade game. While the entire Street Fighter series offers the best products, the second version revolutionized the genre by popularizing the fighting game genre to a wider audience. It became a fighting game, offering players a choice of character with their own set moves.

Starting Fighter 2: World Warrior Slot Parameters

- Total number of coils: 5

- Total lines: 5

- Total cells: 25

- Betting amount: 0.20 to 700 coins

- Wild symbol: Available

- Free spins: Available

- Volatility Indicator: Average

- Return to player rating: 96.02% - 96.08%

- Maximum winnings: 1,250 times wager increase

General information about slots

This is a cluster slot with five reels and five rows. This game simulates the combat mechanics of the original game, pitting your character against an enemy and letting the reels determine the winner.

You can take part in the battle on desktop or mobile with bets ranging from 0.20 to 700 coins per spin. The game has medium volatility and an RTP range of 96.02% to 96.08%, depending on which fighter you choose as your battle avatar.

The point of the cluster system is that prizes are awarded when four or more identical symbols appear in a cluster horizontally and/or vertically. The Avalanche Mechanic then comes into play - all winning symbols are broken and disappear to make room for new ones that fall into the same positions. This can lead to a succession of wins in the same sequence. A spin is considered to be completed if no new winning clusters appear anymore.

Cluster payout, Avalanche mechanics, eight charismatic characters, each with their own modifier, as well as the Car Smash bonus game and Beat The Boss free spins round can lead to winnings exceeding your bet by up to 1,250 times.

Graphics and visual design

NetEnt has a long history of turning iconic movies and video games into amazing slots. The graphic design team plays a big role in a successful transformation. Because it will not only give a first impression when loading the game, but also affect the overall atmosphere as the reels spin.

NetEnt have done an incredible job bringing Street Fighter 2 to life in the form of an online slot. The developers have gone to great lengths to recreate the authenticity and look really close to the original video game. The reels are set on different backgrounds similar to the scenes in Street Fighter 2, and the characters are done in a 16-bit style. Overall, all the scenery, reel characters, and animations change depending on the fighter you choose, resulting in some truly immersive gameplay

How to play

- After loading the game press the "i" button to view the paytable.

- Select one of the eight symbols offered.

- Determine your coin size by making sure you are comfortable with the total bet for each spin.

- To enter the automatic game mode, press the "Auto" button and select the desired number of spins.

- Press the play button and enjoy the battle.

Game symbols

Common in all battles are low-paying playing card symbols from J to A. They increase the bet by 10 times on winning combinations of 16 or more symbols.

The valuable symbols change depending on the selected fighter and his random opponent. Each has two symbols - a victory symbol and a defeat symbol.

Clusters of these symbols can bring an increase of up to 30 times.

Character options

The name of the slot suggests that the main events in the game are the battles between the main characters. The gameplay is the battles, which usually take place in a few spins. Before the fight begins, the player must choose one of eight characters to fight a random opponent. Each fighter has a modifier that works at certain points and helps to form groups of winning characters.

- Dhalsim - provides an RTP of 96.05% and puts three or four winning symbols randomly anywhere on the grid.

- E. Honda - provides RTP of 96.05% and has three random winning symbols on the same reel

- Ryu - provides an RTP of 96.02% and has three winning symbols randomly on a single line.

- Tricky - provides an RTP of 96.04% and randomly arranges two vertical stacks of two winning symbols.

- Zangief - provides an RTP of 96.08% and randomly arranges two horizontal stacks of two winning symbols.

- Chun Li - provides an RTP of 96.08% and has two to seven winning symbols in random positions.

- Blanka - provides RTP of 96.08% and has from one to five winning symbols on each reel

- Ken - provides an RTP of 96.06% and has one to five winning symbols per line.

The symbols are presented in order of increasing volatility - the first one gives smaller wins with higher frequency, while the second one brings less frequent, but potentially big wins. At the same time the RTP range varies slightly between the fighters.

Enabling Character Modifiers

The selected character appears on the left side of the game window with the Wild Gauge overhead indicator.

The signal to start the battle is the start of the game's reels. A health bar appears above the reels for each fighter with an initial value of 75 points. A winning cluster with your fighter's symbols will deal damage to the opponent equal to the symbols in the cluster. While a combination with your opponent's symbols will deal similar damage to your fighter. Victory clusters with playing card symbols do not count.

The Wild Gauge value increases by one point for each symbol in a winning cluster. For seven points, you gain a corresponding fighter modifier. It is activated when no more winning clusters appear. Winning points are assessed after the wild symbols obtained with the modifier are placed in their positions, and in the case of new winning clusters, the reels continue to spin. Wild Gauge is reset at the end of each spin sequence.

Bonus round

If the fighter loses the main battle round, the Car Smash bonus game is activated.

As in the original video game, the character is tasked with smashing a car. For this you can get a reward ranging from 5 to 15 times the bet.

Automatically, you can use the Quick End button to get instant results. The game will then return to the main screen. Here it is up to the player to decide whether to continue the battle with the same character or choose another one.

Free spins

Winning the main battle activates the Beat the Boss free spins option.

This game does not have an initially set free spin number. Instead, the player will have to engage in combat with four bosses, each with an increasing winnings multiplier. The entire gameplay and cluster payout system is the same as the main battles. The difference is that the health bar now only displays 25 points. Losing a battle means the end of the bonus round. After winning the battle, the player moves on to the next boss.

Multipliers for each boss:

- Balrog gives multiplier x2

- Vega gives multiplier x3

- Sagat gives multiplier x5

- M. Bison gives a multiplier of x10

After defeating all four bosses, you will receive an additional prize that will increase your bet by 100 times. However, losing the battle against any of the bosses does not necessarily mean the end of the bonus round, as the player can activate the coin insertion feature.

This requires risking some of your winnings to get a second chance to get to the final boss. Or take your winnings and return to the main game.

Where to Find a Game

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot is a really cool online slot from NetEnt, perfect for all fans of retro battles. The game is full of varied events, but it doesn't get boring at all, and after a few spins you'll easily figure out the gameplay. What's nice is that the slot is adapted for all types of operating systems and for different screen sizes.

If you are ready to feel like a real street fighter and at the same time get a solid win, play Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot and get casino bonuses. Here you can be sure that the product is licensed and that the platform follows all the rules of fair and responsible gaming

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