Tips, rules and strategies for winning scratch cards online

Scratch cards have become a popular phenomenon among online casino players by 2020. After years of silence, no one expected this simple and very little attention-grabbing form of entertainment to simply explode audiences. We have already written about the history of scratch cards and the varieties that exist. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for the sudden popularity, as well as the rules of the game and strategies.

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How did scratch cards become a favorite on gaming platforms?

In 2020, nobody expected scratch cards to become trendy in popular online casino games. But this happened, and gambling experts began to look for an explanation for this phenomenon. And online casino sites, in turn, began to expand their own sections of scratch cards, adding as many existing games of this type as possible and combining fresh novelties. Check out the impressive collection of scratch cards at Shangri La Online Casino & Sports - dozens of the best designs from the world's best developers.

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It is always surprising if something that has been known for a long time becomes popular, but is not in serious demand. Many developers didn't even create scratch card games because they didn't see any promise in them. Many players, preferring online slots, considered scratch cards unimpressive and boring. So what has changed? Gambling marketers and psychologists have identified several reasons.

The first reason: the players got tired of complex online slots and started looking for something as simple as possible to relax without bothering with the rules and nuances. For a long time, psychologists called online casinos a place of psychological help. And this direction was chosen in those moments when you don't want to think about anything. When you want to maximize your brain power, you should choose card games or challenging slot games. So, click and get the result - the perfect vacation plan without further ado. And apparently, at some point, players started looking for simplicity in the scratch card section, and they found it!

The second reason: scratch cards have become more attractive. Previously, this type of games caused a lot of criticism due to the games' uninteresting appearance and silly sounds. They simply repeated scratch cards from stores, had a boring playing field and minimal animation. Gradually, those developers who didn't stop development began to use cooler graphics, added more life and nice sounds. And some went further and introduced humor into their maps. And this despite the fact that the direction retained its simplicity: click and you get the result.

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The third reason: during the quarantine due to COVID-19, players started to spend more time at online casinos and just decided to try everything. Statistics confirms that the attendance of entertainment resources, not just gambling resources, increased significantly. The amount of free time that needed to be filled with something sharply increased, and people began to pay attention to what they had previously left unattended. And then the situation developed according to the schemes described above: players found charm in unexpected simplicity and enjoyed deliberately scratchy cards of a primitive plot.

If you haven't paid attention to these instant games until now, risk a few minutes of your time. Chances are very high that you'll love their particular simplistic style and old school charm. In an age of perpetual busyness, it's really refreshing and relaxing. Dozens of cool scratch cards are already waiting for you in the eponymous section of Shangri La online casino.

Online scratch card game rules

You will be fascinated by the simplicity of the storyline in absolutely all online scratch cards. What remains unchanged from its paper brethren is that one round yields one result with no delays or transitions to other game levels. Despite the fact that online scratch cards have stopped copying lottery tickets, the entire process requires literally a couple of clicks from the player.

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- Choose your bet size

- Open hidden fields or start gameplay with one click

- Enjoy what you see and collect winnings

For those who like to keep the intrigue longer, you can open each cell manually. That way, you can stretch out the intrigue a little longer if you like, but it still doesn't make the game any harder.

Winnings are accrued according to very simple rules. Sometimes developers simply display a visual payout table with the amount of winnings for all types of combinations. Or the odds appear directly on the playing field, and the profit is immediately recalculated according to the bet. Just click, enjoy the easy storyline and get your money.

What's nice is that you can determine how much your online scratch card is worth. Accordingly, the higher your initial bet, the bigger your winnings will be, as the winning odds work on the multiplier principle.

Strategy for playing scratch cards online

In online scratch cards, as in online slots, each round result is determined by a random number generator. The player, online casino or game developer cannot influence the RNG parameters in any way. This means that chance, luck, and fortune are responsible for the outcome. At large distances (more than 1000 rounds) the result of the total win is more or less predictable, because each scratch card has the parameters of volatility and return to the player RTP, specified by the developer.

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This scratch card principle means that you can use any game strategies developed for online slots:

- One game

- Upstairs

- Empty backs

- Play and run

- Hen

- Zigzag

- Umbrella

- 3 stars

All these methods can be found on our website in the articles Strategies for slots and Strategies for slot machines "Chicken" and "Zigzag".

At the same time, following the rules of the chosen strategy or developing your own, it is recommended to use the rules of bankroll management as well. These simple tips will allow you to stop in time and multiply your winnings with a cool head.

Where to play online scratch cards?

Because online scratch cards are among the varieties of online casino games, you should look for them on the appropriate gaming platforms. There is usually a separate section for this category. If you are interested in playing for real money, make sure you are on a licensed site before placing your bets.

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To be sure, you need to check the originality of the online scratch card. Just see through which server the game is downloaded. If it coincides with the official developer's server, you can start the process and enjoy your winnings.

Shangri La Online Casino & Sports operates under a Curacao license. The entire collection of scratch cards is a world leading product. Each game is run through the official server of its developer. For a pleasant start, the gaming platform provides players with bonuses that can also be spent on scratch cards.


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