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Live mode at 1xslots Casino


Live mode in a casino 1xslots - is a great way to play with live dealers. Playing with real people is reliable, because you are interacting with professionals. Be transported to the atmosphere of a real casino, leave the boring and lonely mechanical game. You can communicate with the dealer in person! Combine all the advantages of virtual games with live. There are practically no disadvantages that are found in both types of casinos.

1xslots live section
Live section on 1x Slots website

Who are the live dealers? These are the dealers who will help you with the game - they will spin the roulette wheel, deal the cards and roll the dice. On his monitor the player will be able to see everything the dealer is doing. All broadcasts are in HD. Communication with the dealer is done through chat or by voice communication. Those who enjoy a gambling atmosphere will appreciate this option of the game. Users can personally control the entire process. Play from home! By the way, such a game mode will take more time than playing with a machine.

What can I play live on the site?

1xslot players, offers several games that can be played with a live dealer on the official website:

  • Baccarat is a three-card game where you have to score the most points;
  • poker is a card game in which you only need to get winning combinations;
  • Roulette - a classic where the game is played with numbered cells and red/black or zero bets;
  • Blackjack is a card game in which you have to get more points than the dealer;
  • slots - slot machines from popular providers.

While playing in live mode on the official website 1xlots certain rules must be followed.

  1. Be courteous to dealers.
  2. The use of abusive language is prohibited.
  3. Make sure you are careful and keep your sanity when playing.
  4. Be sober about your chances.
  5. Choose your slots carefully before you start playing.

Advantages of playing in live mode

Here is a list of the benefits that the user can get from playing in live mode on the site 1xslot casino.

  1. A game with a live person in real time.
  2. Direct communication in chat or via microphone.
  3. Controlling the dealer's actions.
  4. Playing with a live dealer right from home.
  5. High quality broadcasts - all broadcasts are in HD format.
  6. Ability to select the screen mode: multi-screen, classic full-screen.
  7. Bets on any amount.

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